30 Days of Prayer: Day 1

Lord Jesus, as a child you fled oppression and death and left your home behind to sojourn in a foreign land; and throughout your life, you had no place to lay your head; to you Lord we commend all refugees;

For those oppressed and affected by war within the borders of their own countries, we pray for an end to armed conflict; for just government; for your providence on those who suffer from lack of food, water, clothing and medicine; and for awareness of their suffering;

For those fleeing or who have fled their homes, we pray for your protection on their goods and on their bodies; drive from them despair and fear; give them hope; and lead them into a place of peace;

For those who have fled to countries not their own, surround them with an abiding sense of your love, comfort them; and pour out a spirit of compassion and Justice on those who work to care for them and on those who work against their presence;

Jesus, you were a refugee; you suffered at the hands of tyrants; you know the needs of refugees; we pray that you would show those of us here tonight and throughout this town and state and land, how you would have us serve and care for refugees; that what we do would bring your name glory and praise; even Jesus Christ.

-Canon Michael Gilton , Diocese of Dallas