30 Days of Prayer for Refugees: Day 5

Father, forgive us.

We have a continual tendency to want to embrace the beauty of this world. We celebrate and even idolize the life with which you have gifted each of us. We chase the beauty of your creation all while we ignore the desires of your heart.

You exposed your heart when you sent your Son into this world. You did not send him to an affluent home. You did not send him to the family of a king in order to experience the lap of luxury. Instead, you exposed your heart for all people and the pain, poverty and injustice they experience in a sinful world.

From the moment Jesus arrived, he was pursued, his name was abused, his acts were scrutinized and his words were twisted. His very life was in danger beginning the night he was born in a lowly stable. In all of the chaos and threats, Father, you revealed your heart for all people.

Today, Father, we come before you for forgiveness and to ask for you to intervene on behalf of the people whose suffering is close to your heart. We pray for the hearts of your people to beat with the desires of your heart. We pray for all Christians around the world to intercede and interact with refugees in their communities. We pray, like Moses saw, that your resources would be willingly released by your people in order to do your work and expose your heart in a tangible way to those in dire need. Amen.

-Cecil Linke Lead Pastor, Journey Community Church