30 Days of Prayer for Refugees- Day 20

" The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world and all who live in it." Psalm 24:1

Lord, Help us remember those who have fled for their lives and are strangers in foreign lands. We pray for those who are escaping persecution and conflict. We also pray for those who are camped in different parts of the Middle- East, Africa, and Asia, carrying so many physical, emotional and spiritual wounds. Be theier comfort for the sake of your great mercy.

Lord Jesus, give us more of your compassion for thier plight and help us follow your will in seeking mercy and justice on thier behalf. We pray for peace now, and an end to all warfare, conflict and abuse of power by governments that oppress thier people. Most importantly, we pray for your coming to bring all things under your loving and just subjection. Amen.

Dr. Samira Izadi Page- Gateway of Grace