30 Days of Prayer for Refugees- Day 22

Jesus, I pray for the refugee crisis that is sweeping across America and the world at this moment. I pray for the hearts of those that you are calling to work with the refugees and to serve them. I pray that you would continue to put a passion in their heart that burns. I pray for the hearts of the refugees that they would seek you in their time of needs and trials. I pray that people would come along beside them and help them through the pain. Lord, please bring communities to the refugees to show them love and grace that abounds. Bring them communities to help them feel that they are not alone. For those that have taken refuge in you lord, I pray psalm 71:1 over them. I pray that they would not feel ashamed. I pray that you would help restore dignity to the hearts and minds of the refugees. I pray that you would bring healing to the trauma they have been through. I pray your peace over them Lord. Thank you for all the ways you are working with the refugees, Lord. Amen.

Cody Isaacson- The Ark Christian Ministries Intern