30 Days of Prayer for Refugees- Day 15

Our Father and Great God, Our hearts are filled with gratitude for your goodness that we experience each day. We are grateful for your indescribable grace that covers every aspect of our life. It is in that grace that we are moved by your Spirit to love the refugees you have appointed to us. So, it is our prayer that we would love them as you told us to love everyone – not only in words, but also in our actions. Make our hearts sensitive to the unimaginable sufferings they have experienced, our efforts fitting to their needs, our words your words of peace and hope, and our patience long as you heal their souls. And as you make us the presence of Christ to refugees, we pray that not one of us serving a refugee would think that we can offer anything that does not come from your supply. Help us to discern, beyond our experiences, how to love those who have wounds and painful memories too deep for words. Father, keep thoughts of eternity always on our minds so that as we build relationships with them, we will not become passive towards sharing the good news of your amazing grace given only in Jesus Christ. For those we are yet to meet, keep them in your care. For those we may never know, we ask you to awaken your people around to the work you have appointed to them. All of this we pray in the powerful and matchless name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Savior and coming Redeemer.

Dennis Page- Co-Founder/Gateway of Grace