How Gateway Volunteers Help

ADOPT refugee families

Gateway of Grace "adopts" refugee families who arrive at the ministry in need of assistance. When we receive a new family, our volunteer teams -- typically from area churches -- work to quickly provide them with basic necessities and care:

  • Airport greeting
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Furniture
  • Food
  • Needs assessments
  • Follow up visits
  • Community through friendship and fellowship

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TEACH basic life skills through Gateway Educational Ministries

Our English as a Second Language classes help refugees communicate in the U.S. and eventually secure jobs and financial stability. Our cultural literacy classes, meanwhile, teach refugees to integrate in American culture and tend to a range of daily tasks shopping, asking for directions and even basic legal matters. At the same time, courses on basic computer literacy allow refugees to manage life in an increasingly tech savvy urban environment. Click here to sign up as a volunteer with Gateway Educational Ministries.

PLAN AND MANAGE Gateway events for refugee families 

Gateway of Grace's annual program of refugee events offers a community to people who have left their homes, friends and families sometimes thousands of miles away. Volunteer opportunities for events include:  

  • Thanksgiving Day Dinner
  • Christmas Party
  • Easter Egg Hunt and Family Day
  • Baby Showers
  • Field Trips all year
  • Fellowship gatherings all year

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ASSIST the Gateway Resource Center

The Gateway of Grace Resource Center is the materials hub for distributing goods to refugees in need and maintaining facilities. Volunteer opportunities with our resource center include a number of critical tasks for refugee well-being:  

  • Furniture pickup and delivery
  • Distribution of household supplies
  • Classroom maintenance at Gateway Educational Ministries

Click here to sign up to help the Gateway Resource Center. 

PROVIDE emotional and spiritual healing with Gateway Relational Ministries

If you have the gift of connecting with people, encouraging them, praying with them and sharing the love of Christ with them, this is for YOU! You can demonstrate the love of God to a refugee family by simply befriending them, praying for them and maintaining contact. Also help by sponsoring a dinner for Grace Community. Click here to sign up for Gateway Relational Ministries.

JOIN with financial support

You can also participate in God's mission work to refugees, through Gateway of Grace, by supporting GOG with your monetary donation by clicking here to go directly to our donation page.