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Join us in our mission to reach refugees with Christ's love

You don't need experience to work with refugees. We provide training, support, prayer and an encouraging community. We are with you every step of the way.

Here's how Gateway Volunteers help

ADOPT refugee families

Gateway of Grace "adopts" refugee families who arrive at the ministry in need of assistance. When we receive a new family, our volunteer teams -- typically from area churches -- work to quickly provide them with basic necessities and care:

  • Needs Assessment

  • Furniture

  • Housewares

  • Food

  • Baby items

  • Follow up visits

  • Community through friendship and fellowship


TEACH basic life skills through Gateway Educational Ministries

Our English as Second Language classes helps refugees communicate effectively so they are equipped to function effectively in society, engage their children’s education, secure jobs, and get on the path to financial stability. We also provide citizenship and leadership, development classes. And, cultural literacy is integral to every class. Cultural integration ranges from learning how to shop and ask for directions to knowing American traditions and basic legal matters. At the same time, their children are just down the hall, being prepared for elementary school in a fun and exciting environment.

ASSIST the Gateway Resource Center

The Gateway of Grace Resource Center is the materials hub for distributing goods to refugees in need and maintaining facilities. Volunteer opportunities with our resource center include a number of critical tasks for refugee well-being:  

  • Furniture pickup and delivery

  • Distribution of household supplies

  • Classroom maintenance at Gateway Educational Ministries

Men carrying table


Gateway events for refugee families 

Gateway of Grace's annual program of refugee events offers much-needed community to people who have left their homes, families, and friends, often thousands of miles away. Volunteer opportunities for events include:  

  • Thanksgiving Day Dinner

  • Christmas Party

  • Easter Egg Hunt and Family Day

  • Baby Showers

  • Field Trips year-round

  • Fellowship gatherings year round

PROVIDE emotional and spiritual healing with Gateway Relational Ministries

If you have the gift of connecting with people, encouraging them, praying with them and sharing the love of Christ with them, this is for YOU! You can demonstrate God’s love for a refugee family by simply befriending them, praying for them and following up on a regular basis. A new country and culture can be overwhelming. But, a friend can make all the difference

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JOIN with financial support

Without support from church partners and individuals like you, God’s mission work among refugees would not happen. While any financial gift is greatly appreciated, monthly support helps sustain the ongoing work of ministry for Gateway of Grace.

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